Hello, my name is Marie and I’m a 49-year-old female with HS disease. I feel my HS has healed by eating all healthy foods, exercising and removing all the bad toxins.

This is my story….

I was 14 when my symptoms started, and it took years to get a proper diagnosis from my primary Doctor. I have found I don’t need a dermatologist because all they want to do is cut the lesions open. If they get infected and need to be opened, that’s different story.

Having HS while working as an insurance agent, I can definitely say HS has had an effect on my job over the years. Along with it being painful to sit, I have called in sick many times because of the condition. Thankfully some bosses understood what I’m going through.

Some of the challenges of living with HS disease are that it’s an embarrassing condition that causes unbearable pain. I’m in stage 1 now and have managed the condition by quitting smoking and healthy eating. I had quit for 3 years but slipped up, but now I quit again forever. Cigarettes fed my HS and made it 100000% worse!!

I did take antibiotics for a long time, which I finally realized were doing nothing. The only medicine I use is Motrin & Neosporin, and now Tea Tree oil. I also gave up a lot of dairy products, sugar and no packaged or fast food. I now stick with all the fresh & healthy stuff.

I know if I did not have HS my life would be different since I’d be living life pain free. Because smoking feeds HS, if I could grant a person newly diagnosed person with HS a wish it would be to eat healthy and do NOT smoke!



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