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"I'm Erika"

The biggest challenge I have living with the disease is being cautious about the clothes I wear. There are a couple of shirts I’d love to put on, but I’d be afraid of staining them. If I didn’t have HS, I wouldn’t be afraid to shave my underarms. I would be free to wear what I want.

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"I'm Krystle"

It’s difficult to explain to people how much pain you’re in when what they see looks normal. They can’t see the scarring, or know how embarrassed you’re feeling. They don’t understand the pain and exhaustion from living with the disease.

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"I'm Maria"

My story is simple. In many ways, it’s a lot like yours – I have to work, I like to go to movies and concerts. I have a beautiful young daughter I love to be with. And I’ve got HS and it has prevented me many times from enjoying things that matter to me. Comments comments

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"I'm Mike"

I’m a writer who was a photographer that went to acting school where I specialized in directing. I feel that HS [and a rare form of Arthritis that occasionally manifests with it] has stolen my adult life before I had a chance to live it. It’s for that reason I’ve become devoted to increasing the awareness of the disease.

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